Whether you’re a homegrown or international operation, your manufacturing business is vital in our business community, and we appreciate your need to meet constant changes to processes, compliance and operations in order to maintain an edge over the competition. To that end, the Walz Group operates in close collaboration with you and your management team to analyze your current financial status, to advise you on cost-saving measures, and to expose new growth opportunities for your business.

For more than three decades we have aided entrepreneurs in pursuing their passions and ultimate success. We have helped area manufacturers extend the reach of their products regionally, nationally and in some cases internationally.

Our advisors increase profitability for our manufacturing clients by using techniques such as the following:

  • Structuring business plans
  • Implementing LEAN manufacturing principles
  • Obtaining financing
  • Establishing internal controls
  • Securing accounting functions
  • Offering a range of management consulting services

We understand the nuances of a global economy and how they can affect success and failure in Central Pennsylvania. At the Walz Group, we are focused on your unique needs and goals, and we tailor our approach to exceed your expectations. With our unified team approach, you will also benefit from other areas of expertise, including business consulting, accounting, business valuations and more.

And when the day comes that you are ready to retire from your successful business, we will still be supplying the best strategies for the next stage of your business, including counsel in estate and succession planning.

Hodge Tool Company Case Study

International manufacturing company Hodge Tool Company faces an intricate system of production and compliance issues unique to the manufacturing industry. By partnering with us for our tax services, financing acumen, and customized professional services, this Lancaster-based business has the support they need for continuous development in a complicated, competitive industry.

“(The Walz Group) has the best plan put in place for the best cash available to support growth.”

- Ed Hodgen, CEO of Hodge Tool Company

Every great project starts with a plan.

Let’s build one together.

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