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Brush Up on Campaign Contributions Rules

As it is a presidential election year, it is important to know the rules and limits for both individuals and businesses contributing to a candidate.

Contributing to a Company Roth 401(k) Account

Does your company offer a designated Roth account (DRA)? What is right for your situation and should you contribute?

Walz Group End of Tax Season Party 2024

Our team got to celebrate the end of tax season 2024 by getting together for fun, food, drinks, and games!

Consider Taxes When Moving to a New State

Are you moving to another state for work or recently acquired a remote position to work from anywhere? It is important to be aware of state tax rules and implications.

Growth Strategies: How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Are you finding it more and more challenging to grow your business? This article addresses key tips and strategies to help take your business to the next level.

Don’t Overlook the Child Care Tax Credit

Find out if you qualify and do not miss out on this tax-saving opportunity for your business

Rules for Charitable Gaming Activities

Games such as bingo and poker can seem like a fun and easy way to increase revenue for your not-for-profit organization but be aware of the tax rules and local laws.

Visit from KPETS 2024

A big thank you to Keystone Pet Therapy Services (KPETS) for taking the time to visit Walz Group for a “therapy dog” break.

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