Every industry is prone to struggles, and businesses within those industries may suffer from instability. However, with Walz Group’s professional financial services and support, you can push your business further and complete goals without fail. Whether it’s analyzing working capital and resources, preparing employee benefits, or acquiring in-depth consultative services, Walz Group’s team of experienced professionals has a portfolio of expertise to match your needs.

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Our professional services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Auditing employee benefit plans
  • Choosing an entity for new or expanding businesses
  • Completing payroll tasks
  • Conducting financial bookkeeping
  • Analyzing financial statistics and overhead costs
  • Ensuring tax compliance
  • Segregating costs for properties, plants, and equipment

Since 1978, we’ve successfully supported businesses in every state of the economy, both strong and weak. As a BDO Alliance member, we’ve provided the right advice and services to companies facing the same challenges you may be facing now. With our real-world experience and continued education, we’re the support you need to cross the finish line every single time.

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Lancaster Orthodontic Associates Case Study

Doctor Manish Lamichane might not have gone to school for business, but when he became a co-owner of Lancaster Orthodontic Associates (LOA), he needed to think and act like an entrepreneur. Tim Kershner and the Walz Group team supported his efforts by offering advice and providing financial expertise. From capital purchases and expansion locations to targets for overhead and salaries, Walz Group was there to help.

“Tim is available every single time we decide to run something by him. I can’t overemphasize that.”

- Dr. Lamichane, Co-Owner of LOA

Every great project starts with a plan.

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