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At Walz Group, we help clients build a sound operation and financial structure that supports growth and protects the organization’s future. The Walz Group Assurance team is dedicated to providing a full range of solutions, including audits, reviews, financial statements, and more. We are here to do the heavy lifting for your assurance needs by providing comprehensive analyses and superior financial advice to drive strategy and move your company forward. Read more about Walz Group

“They understood our goals, established a plan, and executed it more quickly and cost-effectively than expected. Above all, our Walz partners proved early on to be trusted resources.”

Chris Trendler, General Manager and Partner of Decades Lancaster

Three childhood friends, who are now entrepreneurs, combine their creative energies to make great things together. One year after they launched their latest venture - Decades - they turned to Walz Group to improve the accuracy of their financial reporting, and have benefited from so much more. Walz has become a trusted resource and valuable partner by helping the Decades team navigate a variety of financial opportunities, including COVID-relief programs for small businesses.


  • Audits of For-Profit Entities

    Walz Group's audit team is skilled and experienced in a wide variety of corporate audits, including in the manufacturing, construction, & live event industries, among others. An audit provides financial statement users with the highest level of assurance, our opinion of the books & records. It comes with required communication that often includes findings & suggestions for internal improvements.

  • Audits of Not-for-Profit Entities

    Walz Group recognizes that not-for-profit entities are mission-focused. Our not-for-profit audits are done as efficiently as possible to allow organizations to focus as much of their time and money on their exempt purpose. We are dedicated to the not-for-profit sector, as many of the firm's employees serve on boards and committees of the many respective entities in the area.

  • Audits of Employee Benefit Plans

    Typically, companies with more than 120 participants in their employer-sponsored retirement plan are subject to their plan's financial statements being audited. Our high-quality audits of these plans include 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, pensions, and ESOPs.

  • Reviewed Financial Statements

    A review offers limited assurance that the underlying books and records are presently correct. Through a process of inquiry and analysis, we provide reviewed financial statement services to nearly every industry the firm serves.

  • Compiled Financial Statements

    Compiled Financial Statements - or Compilations - offer the lowest level of assurance but are often valuable for banks or other lenders looking for financial information in a traditional financial statement format. We do compilations with footnotes - to note disclosures - or without.

  • Agreed-Upon Procedures

    Companies that have a specific area of their financial statements that need to be tested but would otherwise not be subject to audit may be interested in agreed-upon procedure (AUP) engagements. Agreed-upon procedures can cover nearly anything that the company wants to be tested, and our report includes the tests performed and the results of those tests.

  • Examinations

    Examinations are often requested to support a transaction or a series of transactions. Walz Group has performed many studies, including nearly all of the examinations in the three-year history of an entertainment credit issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  • Forecasts and Projections

    Prospective financial statements help users of those statements look forward instead of backward. Using a set of assumptions determined by the company, we can issue forecasts (forward-looking statements assuming conditions reasonably expected to exist) or projections (forward-looking statements that take into account one or a series of hypothetical situations).

  • Preparation Engagement

    Preparation Engagements result in the preparation of financial statements based on information provided by the client. There is no assurance given or opinion expressed in Preparation Engagements.

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