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Walz Group has a long-standing track record of working with privately-held, family-owned businesses and nonprofit organizations to provide innovative financial and tax solutions. In addition, we are proud to serve a variety of industries, including live event, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, not-for-profit, professional services, and many others.

Our hands-on approach provides businesses of all sizes with valuable advisory resources and outsourced services. The team at Walz Group has a deep understanding of day-to-day issues that businesses face and a breadth of knowledge to offer real-world counsel that supports client success.

“They understood our goals, established a plan and executed it more quickly and cost effectively than expected. Above all, our Walz partners proved early on to be trusted resources.”

Chris Trendler, General Manager and Partner of Decades Lancaster

Three childhood friends, who are now entrepreneurs, combine their creative energies to make great things together. One year after launching, Decades, they turned to Walz Group to improve the accuracy of their financial reporting. Walz has become a trusted resource by helping the Decades team navigate a variety of financial opportunities, including COVID-relief programs for small businesses.

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