UPDATE: COVID-19 Relief Bill

In follow up to the COVID-19 Relief Bill e-mail blast that we sent out on 12/23 (https://www.walzgroupcpa.com/covid-19-relief-bill/), please be aware that as of Sunday night, this Bill has now been signed by the President.

Next week, we are planning to hold a webinar outlining the key provisions of the new Bill. Details relating to that event will be sent out later this week.

Regulations on how the Bill is to be carried out are to be issued in the next 10 days by the SBA. Details on the new simplified application for PPP1 loans under $150,000 are to be released within the next 24 days. Specific details relating to the expanded Employee Retention Credit are to be provided in the next 30 days.

We will be working to get you the information you need to understand the new bill, and apply its contents to your business. Please let us know as you develop questions.