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Do You Know the Tax Consequences of Selling Appreciated Land?

Taxpayers who own appreciated vacant land should know the tax consequences before they sell or subdivide.

Spring Cleaning Your Personal Tax Files

The general rule for retaining federal tax records is three years. However, there are many exceptions to this rule so it helps to keep records longer.

How Tax Reform Affects Divorce Settlements for Small Business Owners

Changes in the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) may require divorcing individuals to take a different approach to splitting assets and setting maintenance payments than under prior law.

Due Diligence Considerations When Selling a Business

When selling your business, all parties involved in the sale will require certain due diligence procedures, which take time and patience to get through.

Protect Receivables from the Outset

When trying to collect money from people who owe your company, you've undoubtedly asked yourself what can you do to help in your collection efforts.

Is It Time for Your Start-Up to Consider a Pivot Strategy?

Many existing businesses pivoted from their regular operations into a different enterprise during the COVID-19 pandemic - with many emerging in better shape.

Using a Noncompete Agreement When Buying a Business

Noncompete agreements are commonly included in business purchase transactions to prevent the seller from competing against the buyer for the term of the noncompete agreement.

Beware! Read and Review Before You Sign a Contract

Sometimes in an effort to move the business forward, you are pressed to make swift, hard decisions, which may result in entering into an agreement (or “contract”) without complete information.

Self-Insured Plans: Nondiscrimination Rules and COVID-19 Expenses

A Q&A on nondiscrimination rules and COVID-19 Expenses for self-insured health benefit plans.

Walz Group Welcomes Kaitlyn Shoffstall as the Newest Member of our EasyKeep Team

Walz Group welcomes Kaitlyn Shoffstall to its EasyKeep team.

Walz Group Welcomes Brad Reigner as new Director of Assurance

Walz Group is pleased to welcome the addition of Brad C. Reigner, CPA as a Director in the Assurance Division.

FDIC Insurance: You Can Bank On It

FDIC stands for "Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation," which is the U.S. government agency that protects bank deposits.

Where Did the Cash Go? Look at the Cash Flow Statement

In accounting, a standard part of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) financial statements is the presentation of Cash Flow Statements.

Beware: Remote Work May Complicate Your Income Taxes

Remote work has become more common in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in employers realizing that many jobs can be done from home.

US Small Business Administration Extends Deferment On EIDL Program Payments

Key information regarding deferment...

Take Advantage of Tax Breaks for Small Businesses

If you own a small or medium-sized business, it may be eligible for some significant tax breaks that aren't available for larger entities. Here are three examples to consider...

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