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An Overview of Renter Insurance

Renter Insurance-What is it? How does it work? Do you need it to cover personal property? Learn more in this article:

Will Your Crypto Transactions Be Reported on a Form 1099?

Taxpayers-stay up to date with the federal tax reporting requirements for cryptocurrency transactions, form 1099 for 2023, and the various types of forms you can receive

Walz Group College Recruiting 2023

Walz Group attends Meet the Accountant's Night at several local colleges and universities

Mutual Funds vs. ETFs

Mutual Funds vs. ETFs, what are the structural differences, account minimums to watch out for, and how to determine which is right for your portfolio?

9th Annual Scott & Hoffnagle Clay Shoot

Walz Group is a proud sponsor of the 9th annual Scott & Hoffnagle Clay Shoot presented by Commonwealth Fire Protection Company

What’s the Proper Tax Treatment for Intangible Assets?

The tax rules for intangible assets can be complicated, it is important to understand the definition of intangible assets, exceptions, and how to avoid mistakes with the IRS

Employee retention credits: Complexities in equity acquisitions

Great article providing insight and in-depth knowledge on Employee Retention Credits (ERC) by Pauline Markey at Saxton & Stump

Businesses: It’s Time to Get Ready for the New Corporate Transparency Reporting Rules

What reporting requirements are businesses and business owners going to need to meet under the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) that takes effect on January 1, 2024?

Treasury, IRS Issue Proposed Regulations on Reporting For Sales, Exchanges of Digital Assets

News Release: The Department of the Treasury and the IRS issued proposed regulations that would require brokers to report sales and exchanges of digital assets by customers.

Crypto: What Taxpayers Need to Know

What taxpayers need to know about cryptocurrencies and federal tax implications on transactions

Don’t Panic If You Receive a Benefit Audit Notice

Receiving an audit notice from the IRS for an employee benefit plan doesn't have to be stressful, here are ten tips to help prepare for an efficient audit

Meredith Reinhart Joins Walz Group as Director of Tax

Walz Group is Excited to Welcome Meredith Reinhart to the Team as a Director in the Tax Department.

Walz Group CPA-Accountability in Action with Andrew Gordon, Fulton Bank-Banking Industry

In this episode of Accountability in Action, Andrew Gordon-Fulton Bank joins us to discuss the 2023 banking industry in Lancaster County

Negotiating a Commercial Lease

Before signing a commercial real estate lease, here are eight considerations to know and understand to protect yourself and your business

Documents You Must Keep for Tax Purposes

Documents Not-For-Profit Organizations Must Keep For Tax Purposes

IRS Security Summit Reminder: Identity Theft Red Flags Tax Pros Should Know

IRS Security Summit reminder: Identity theft red flags tax pros should know

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