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Walz Group Spring 2023 Interns

Welcome Walz Group's Spring 2023 Interns

2023 BIA Installation Banquet

Walz Group and the 2023 BIA Installation Banquet

Walz Group Out of Office Event

Walz Group Event at the Fireside Tavern

Walz Group Holiday Raffle for KPETS

Walz Group employees raised $1,088 to support Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services (KPETS)

Walz Group Team Promotions

Exciting news about Walz Group team members Kara Johnston and Trevor Hosler

Walz Group Professional Clothing Drive

Walz Group Professional Clothing Drive

Walz Group Welcomes Madison Axmacher as the Newest Member of the Assurance Team

Meet Madison Axmacher the Newest Member of the Assurance Team

The Life and Death of a $20 Bill

Have you ever wondered how a $20 bill is made and how long this thin piece of paper lasts for? Fun and interesting read click here:

Walz Group 2022 Holiday Party!

Walz Group Holiday Party 2022!

Tricky Tax Angles to Fringe Benefits

Tax rules for fringe benefits can be intricate and complex. Check out this article as it goes over which fringe benefits are taxable, tax-exempt, and special rules to keep in mind:

Adopt-a-Family for the Holidays

Walz Group has teamed up with Clare-House and adopted a family in need this holiday season.

LIFO vs. FIFO: Taking Stock of Your Inventory Accounting Method

This article explains common approaches such as last-in, first-out (LIFO), first-in, first-out (FIFO), and various considerations for a business choosing an inventory accounting method:

Satellite Locations or Consolidation: Review the Details

As a business owner there are several factors and decisions to keep in mind if you plan to expand or consolidate your business, warehouse, or workspace. To learn more, click here:

Are You Missing the Roth IRA Boat?

This article shows how Roth IRAs can be a valuable strategy for saving for retirement. Lean more here:

PA Announces New myPATH Online Services Portal

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has rolled out a new online portal called myPATH, click here to lean more:

Congratulations Lindsey Legarht on Passing the CPA Exam(s)

Congratulations Lindsey on Passing the CPA Exam(s)!

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