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With the constant swirl of changes in the business world, government regulation, and complexities of operations, it’s hard to stay on top of what most impacts your organization. Walz Group strives to provide you with news and information that is timely and relevant to you.

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Accountability in Action with Christine Sable

In this episode of Accountability in Action, Christine Sable of Sable Commercial Realty joins us to explore the competitive Lancaster County commercial and industrial real estate market.

Creating a Budget When Income is Irregular

How can you create a budget if your income is irregular and varies month-to-month? Try an irregular income budget:

A Legally Binding Contract

What makes a contract legally binding? Before you pick up a pen and put your signature on a contract, here are some key points to know and understand regarding contracts and contract law:

Be Cautious When Accepting Checks

Check fraud is on the rise, it is important for businesses and individuals to be on the lookout. Here are a few tips to help detect and prevent check fraud:

Offshoring Relationships: Improve Quality Assurance

This article explains how manufacturers and distributors can minimize risks in their supply chains when participating in offshoring relationships:

Tax Consequences of Barter Agreements

If you are in the construction industry, be aware of the tax rules and consequences of bartering, click here to learn more:

Tax-Wise Way to Pay Medical Costs

Take a moment to read this interesting article to learn about Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and how they can help pay for medical costs.

Do You Owe SE Tax on Home Rental Income?

If you rent out a home or second residence it is important to know the rules for self-employment tax.

Fight Back Against Internal Fraud

What can your construction business do to prevent internal theft and fraud?

Get Ready for Due Diligence Long Before a Sale or Merger

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) can be complicated undertaking, it is important to have the necessary documents prepared and ready to go. Learn more here:

Track Inefficiencies and Control Costs

This article will help your manufacturing business identify and improve inefficient processing, tracking, and performance methods to cut costs and help your operation.

Accountability in Action with Chris Rice

In this episode of Accountability in Action, Chris Rice from McConkey Insurance and Benefits joins us to explain the advantages of Executive Benefits

Your Cash Flow Statement Holds a Wealth of Useful Information

In this article, a business can use the three basic elements of a cash flow statement to evaluate its current financial standing:

Succeeding At Business Succession

Business succession can be a complicated process and is full of tax rules and regulations

Keep Your Fleet Safe and Save Money

Here are some tips to save you money and keep your fleet on the road

Beware of a 100% Personal Liability Penalty

Know the tax laws to avoid the 100% Personal Liability Penalty

How Crooks Use Bankruptcy to Cheat Creditors

Be on the lookout for bankruptcy fraud and know the signs as crooks try to cheat creditors

Accountability in Action with Robin Alexander

Robin Alexander, Walz Group Director of Tax discusses entity level tax changes for 2023.

Accountability in Action with Heather Valudes

Heather Valudes, President & CEO of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce discusses the current state of workforce and staffing in Lancaster County

What is the Value of Your Business?

This article outlines three different ways of valuing a business

Accountability in Action

Coming Soon-a new video series from Walz Group called Accountability in Action

Understanding the Benefits of S Corporations

Is an S corporation (or S corp) the right structure for your business? It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of an S corp, click here to learn more:

Top 3 Federal Tax Law Changes that Could Affect Your Business Return

Check out these three federal tax law changes that could affect a business owners 2022 tax return:

Watch Out for Phishing Scams

During tax season, it is important to be on the lookout for and protect yourself from phishing scams targeting your finances and security. Know what to look for and tips to keep you safe:

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