Strategic Business Consulting Services For Professionals

Lancaster County is known for hardworking business owners who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in the details. From management to administration, big picture to small details, every facet of your company needs direction from you to move your vision forward. But leaders are only as good as their support. Whether you want help with the day-to-day operations of running a smooth enterprise or need advice on your company’s ten year plan, the Walz Group alleviates some of your burden to focus on your goals, and enables you to get back to running your company.

The Walz Group has over 35 years of experience advising management of rapidly growing organizations, and created a vast array of models and aids to help with this process. Our professional advisors will assist in analyzing ongoing business and financial needs; but more importantly, we won’t stop with the status quo. We believe it is fundamentally important to go beyond just analyzing your present business and historical trends; we help you look forward and anticipate the opportunities ahead of you. We have a unique team of professionals who bring past experience, education and capabilities in a wide variety of arenas. We apply the team’s expertise to proactively identify and mitigate potential current and future threats to your business success.

We have assisted organizations in every facet of business and financial management, where our objective analysis, input, and advice have proven invaluable. As a result, we have developed the broad range of expertise necessary to help companies manage complex business issues. The following are just a few areas where we provide advice and counsel and have appropriate models developed to help your business be more successful:

  • Profit planning and financial forecasting
  • Management incentive programs
  • Bonus pools and phantom stock compensation planning
  • Succession planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Financing options and opportunities guidance
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Capital expenditure evaluation and ROI
  • Pricing and discounting
  • Right sizing an organization
  • Burden rate cost analysis
  • Prevailing wage analysis
  • Innovative bidding methods
  • Budget and cost control
  • Materials and inventory control
  • Advice on industry compensation issues
  • Review candidate qualifications for executive level positions such as CFOs, CEOs or Controllers