The Walz Group is an award-winning accounting firm based in Lancaster Pa.  We are a tight-knit team of accountants who passionately advance our clients’ financial goals by adopting ultimate accountability in delivering the best knowledge base, highest degree of personalized support and full breadth of expertise in accounting, auditing, tax and business management services.


Construction: The Walz Group has established itself as one of the leading business advisors in the area for construction firms in all stages of growth. With over 35 years experience in the industry, we bring hands-on expertise and depth of knowledge to your office, which allows you to better manage field projects and secure new business.

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Manufacturing: Whether you’re a homegrown or international operation, your manufacturing business is vital in our business community, and we appreciate your need to meet constant changes to processes, compliance and operations in order to maintain an edge over the competition. To that end, the Walz Group operates in close collaboration with you and your management team to analyze your current financial status, to advise you on cost-saving measures, and to expose new growth opportunities for your business.

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Nonprofit: Though driven by passion, your nonprofit runs as a business, complete with challenges to funding, financial reporting, taxes, and containment of benefit costs. You also have the added pressure of compliance questions, donor scrutiny, and limited resources. Maximize the benefit you can bring by partnering with the Walz Group and its team of qualified, trusted professionals.

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Professional Services: Now, more than ever, the Walz Group professional services are needed by professionals in various industries who need a little extra support in moving their business forward. Whether it’s taking a look at working capital and resources, planning for employee benefit care, or requiring in-depth consultative services, our team provides a far-ranging portfolio of expertise to match your specific needs.

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What You Need to Know As an Employee 401(K) Plan Sponsor

  Employer sponsored retirement plans, most commonly 401(k) plans, have been under more scrutiny over the past few years from the Department of Labor (DOL).  Knowing that in 2015, American workers had $4.7 trillion invested in 401(k) plans, the DOL was more interested in ensuring employees’ retirement accounts were being appropriately handled.  Sponsors of company …

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