Thomas E. Strauss Inc. Case Study

Siblings often have different opinions and priorities, which are a normal part of family life, especially if there are large age gaps between siblings. But those differences can become a source of uncertainty for employees and middle management when it comes to running a family-owned business. Owners with different views, commitment levels, and personal situations can cause concern when there isn’t a succession plan in place.

"They’re interactive, proactive, and see beyond the day-to-day."

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Benchmark Construction Case Study

Since its beginning in 1985, Benchmark Construction
Company has relied on the Walz Group to deliver superior
service and expert accounting advice. Benchmark, a company
with annual revenues of over $100 million and a dedication
to continued growth, views Walz not just as a resource,
but as an integral member of their team.

"They’re a trusted partner and advisor for us."

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Steve Geisenberger, Principal, Construction Case Study

Caldwell, Heckles & Egan Case Study

Peter Egan, President of Caldwell, Heckles, and Egan construction firm, has maintained a profitable business by strategically bidding on projects and completing them under budget. He has also trusted Steve Geisenberger and the rest of the Walz Group team for over 30 years with producing and analyzing valuable information on each job’s overhead, profitability, and opportunity.

"Steve is one of the reasons we are a litigation-free construction company with sixty million dollars a year of annual revenue."

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Hodge Tool Company Case Study

Hodge Tool Company, an international manufacturing company, constantly faces production and compliance issues that are unique to the manufacturing industry. With our tax services, financing acumen, and other customized professional services, this Lancaster-based business now has the support they need for continuous development in a complex, competitive industry.

"Walz Group has the best plan in place to make sure an ample supply of cash is available to support our growth."

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Lancaster Orthodontic Associates Case Study

Doctor Manish Lamichane might not have gone to school for business, but when he became a co-owner of Lancaster Orthodontic Associates (LOA), he needed to think and act like an entrepreneur. Tim Kershner and the Walz Group team supported his efforts by offering advice and providing financial expertise. From capital purchases and expansion locations to targets for overhead and salaries, Walz Group was there to help.

"Tim is available every single time we decide to run something by him. I can’t overemphasize that."

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